About Us

The DiamondHearts were formed in 2012 and, after a few personnel changes, found a shared love of 80s music which decided our direction and informs our eclectic set lists. No songs from that decade (or a little from the 70's & '90's with that 80's vibe) are off limits, no matter how complex the original production; from Kate Bush to Journey, to David Bowie and all stops in between, plus some branch lines too. This is made possible by a wonderful symbiosis of talents from each of the five members, who are: Julia K - Lead vocals, guitar, keytar and percussion (is there anything this woman doesn’t do?) Alan C - Drums, vocals, samples and discipline (he keeps us in line as well as in time). John B - Keyboards (many, many keyboards), vocals, samples and all-important cow-bell Andy C - Guitars, including wolf-whistles and car noises (make that guitar talk Andy). Andy is also our lighting director Chris E - Basses (with and without frets), vocals and assorted stage tom-foolery We play a veritable smorgasbord of venues including: clubs, weddings, birthdays and other assorted celebrations; corporate events and pubs. If you want a 80s vibe at your event, you can rely on The DiamondHearts to supply the perfect entertainment.In fact, why not have a themed 80's fancy dress party and really take people back in time? We can help you organise the whole event, decorations, name that 80's TV theme, games, cakes shaped like Rubiks Cubes... you name it!  In addition to a professional sound system, we also have an extensive, modular lighting rig for all those who like some extra visuals with their audio.

"The 80's were great! The DiamondHearts remind you why!"